Mentoring Program

The Association has a Mentoring Program to assist younger Rhodes Scholars in planning their careers either during their time at Oxford or after they come down. Rhodes Scholars in a variety of fields have agreed to act as mentors.

The program is a user-based one in which the Association posts information on the web site about the careers of the mentors for Scholars to review. It is then open to Scholars to make initial contact with a mentor whose particular profile best fits the Scholars’ requirements. It is anticipated that initial contact will be made electronically. It is open to mentors to decline taking on a new Scholar if they cannot accommodate them at a particular point in time. In some cases, it is anticipated that mentors will be used to simply provide introductions or contacts that may be useful to the Scholar in pursuing his or her career path or in pursuing post graduate work.

Information about the mentors is password protected.

In order to obtain the password, please send an email to Graham Flack, Chair of the Mentoring Program, at Please identify yourself as a Rhodes Scholar stating your full name, year of selection, home province and college.

Once you have received the password you may enter the protected part of this web site by clicking the “ENTER” button below.


We have started off with just over 30 mentors. We would like to expand this number in order to increase the range and depth of expertise available to younger scholars to draw on. All Rhodes Scholars, both young and old, are welcome to participate as mentors. If you would like to offer your services as a mentor, or if you have any questions regarding the mentoring program, please contact Graham Flack.