About the Association

The Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars is a non-profit association of Rhodes Scholars residing in Canada. The objectives of the Association are to further higher education, to advise on and assist in the administration of the Rhodes Scholarships in Canada, and to promote social interaction among Rhodes Scholars around the world.

In recent years the Association has initiated a "Sailing Dinner" in honour of the 11 Canadian Rhodes Scholars selected from Canada.

This event, is held in Ottawa in the fall of each year. It provides Rhodes Scholars-elect with an opportunity to meet with former Scholars and learn more about the Rhodes tradition, while getting to know each other prior to commencing their studies at Oxford. Further information about this event is available by pressing the "Sailing Dinner" button on the navigation bar.

The Association has also developed a Mentoring Program to provide Scholars at Oxford and recently graduated Scholars with advice on career choices. The Mentoring Program is designed to provide access to former Scholars in a wide range of professions. Information on this program is accessible by pressing the "Mentoring Program" button on the navigation bar. The Association also publishes a directory of Canadian Rhodes Scholars on a periodic basis.

Membership in the Association is open to all Canadian Rhodes Scholars and to all other Rhodes Scholars residing in Canada. The membership dues are $30 per annum. Membership is free to Canadian Rhodes Scholars on stipend at Oxford. Scholars who have not yet joined the Association may do so by contacting the Treasurer, John Rayner.

The Association is run by an Executive whose officers are elected for terms of two years' duration.

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