How Students Can Benefit From Private Schools

Due to the level of criticism that some public schools receive, many parents choose to send their children to private schools. Even though this option tends to be more expensive than public schools, there are several advantages.

Quality of Instructors

One of the biggest reasons for students attending private schools is simply for the quality level. In most cases, these schools employ highly skilled teachers who have an extensive teaching background. This means that they are equipped to provide students with a quality education. Many times, the number of students in each class is smaller than in public schools as well. As a result, the student to teacher ratio ensures that students can get more personalized attention and even work with teachers one-on-one if necessary.

Educational Tools

Another advantage is the access that students typically have to educational tools in private schools. For example, these institutions often have the most cutting edge equipment and technology that streamlines the learning process. This may include state of the art labs, computers and in depth textbooks that help students soak up information. On the other hand, public schools sometimes have limited budgets and are unable to provide students with the same high caliber tools. For this reason, students often come out with a higher level of understanding after graduation when attending private schools.

Cater to Individual Needs

Along with this, there are a variety of private schools that cater to students with different interests. For example, there are military schools, religious schools and boarding schools. This puts students at an advantage because they can receive the exact type of education they and their parents are looking for without having to study irrelevant subjects. Consequently, this makes it possible to streamline the process and should leave them better equipped for their field of interest upon graduation.

Extracurricular Activities

Another perk of these types of schools is the amount of extracurricular activities that many provide. While public schools often have athletic activities and some clubs, private schools tend to offer more in depth activities that can better prepare students for the future. For example, they may have mock trial for students who are interested in law or drama club for students with an interest in acting or theater. These types of activities are beneficial because they can equip students with skills that can carry them into adulthood.


An additional benefit that may not be overly obvious is school safety. While the majority of public schools are relatively safe, statistics have shown that students who attend a private school are less likely to be exposed to negative behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse, criminal victimization and physical injury. Besides this, there are a considerable number of public schools who experience gang problems especially in urban schools. In fact, one study showed that 22% of students between the ages of 12-18 stated that gangs were present in public schools while only 2.3% of students had this problem in an independent school.

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