4 Government Grants That Will Contribute to Your Registered Education Savings...

Parents living in Canada are able to invest in their children’s post-secondary education through the Registered Education Savings Plan, or heritage RESP. This is not only an investment vehicle but is essentially a tax shelter as well. In addition to your own contributions, there are several government grants that you may be eligible for. The following grants, combined with the tax advantages, aim to provide your child with a solid source of income for future schooling.

Helpful Tips to Improve Your School’s PE Program

In a school setting, a big part of the focus is put on education. This is important, of course, but it does not mean that other things aren't important, too. For example, many schools should consider putting more of a focus on school gym equipment and the PE program in general. This is because a good PE program can help kids stay fit and active, which is obviously important for their overall good health. In a day and age when many kids would rather spend their time on smartphones or computers than on school sports

What a Clean Office Says About Your Business

Whether you run your company from home, have a single office or own a retail space, it is important that your work area is...

How to Decide Whether to Franchise Your Small Business

As a government grants for small businesses owner, you have limited resources, which may make it harder to expand or grow your organization over time. However, franchising your company may help you accomplish your goal of opening multiple locations while keeping costs down. How do you decide whether or not franchising is right for your company?

Putting An Effective ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program In At Your...

Most companies allow their workers to spend some time each day browsing the Internet or keeping up with their personal email. Recently, the rise of the mobile office environment has caused some companies to hire IT Consultant to create the type of program that allows employees to bring their own device into work and use that to connect to the

The Most Popular Employee Benefits

The primary reason why an employee accepts a job is because of the paycheck that comes with it. However, there are other benefits that employers may offer that can either make up for a low salary or complete what may be a generous compensation package. What are some of the most popular benefits that employers can offer their workers? A vehicle reimbursement program allows a worker to get paid for each mile that he or she drives for work purposes. For instance, if an individual drives 100 miles for a work-related conference, he or she may get paid a predetermined amount per each mile driven.

How Students Can Benefit From Private Schools

Due to the level of criticism that some public schools receive, many parents choose to send their children to private schools Toronto. Even though this option tends to be more expensive than public schools, there are several advantages.